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Education and development of children




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My Older Brother Daryl: the author of this piece is unknown, but it’s a reminder of how important it is for all of us to ensure that valued outcomes are a part of every student’s education plan. Click on the kaleidoscope to read the poem.

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Family Partnerships


US Department of Education IDEA page for parents



The Beach Center—with a focus on families



Parent to Parent USA —a national organization to promote parent to parent support.





State-specific Information


All states have their own law that complies with IDEA. Use the Internet to find information about your own state’s special education regulation by replacing the two Xs with your state’s two-letter abbreviation:




For example, I find information about Pennsylvania by browsing through the Education/Learning pages at                                          





More is coming . . .



Therapists working under IDEA


Finding and accessing published literature:

Keeping up with new information that’s published in peer-reviewed journals is a challenge for school-based therapists. Here is a list of some recommended publications that include the table of contents listing of their issues on their websites. For several journals, you can sign up to receive an email message that lists the articles published each time a new issue is released. Some of these publishers’ websites even include the full-text of their articles.


Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. Go to

http://haworthpress.com/web/POTP/ to view the Table of Contents. From this site you can also read the full-text of all articles published in a sample issue (2006).



American Journal of Mental Retardation and Mental Retardation. Go to http://aamr.allenpress.com/aamronline/?request=get-static&name=issue-alert to subscribe to receive email alerts when the contents of new issues is posted.



British Medical Journal is available online



Amedeo, a Medical Literature Service, currently includes over 400 journals that can be accessed online at no charge through its site, Free Medical Journals.