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Educational programs for children with disabilities provide important opportunities for that promote successful outcomes during school-aged years and into adulthood.† You can read on to find resources, information and ideas for therapists, educators and families who are concerned with the quality of childrenís education.


For information in this website about IDEA 04, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement

Act of 2004, click here.



No Child Left Behind Act, signed on January 8, 2002













Some of the information you can connect to from this section includes recommended readings, interesting websites, news of current research, activities that you may want to try for team development in your school program, innovative practice (be sure to submit your trials and your successes) and perspectives in contemporary school-based therapy services. If you click on the resources button on the left margin of your screen, youíll be directed to more links with specific information and education practices in your own state.



Related services: under federal regulation, these are the services that the IEP team determines are required in order for a child with a disability to benefit from his or her program of specially designed instruction. To be considered for provision as a school-based service, the goals for a program recommended by the therapist need to relate the studentís targeted educational outcomes as defined by the educational planning team.† Schools are not mandated to provide any and all pediatric OT and PT to enrolled students. Only when a studentís educational planning team determines that


1. the proposed therapy program goals are educationally-relevant and address identified needs for the individual student, AND

2. the unique skills and expertise of the therapist are needed to assist the child to benefit from education


are therapy services included as part of the studentís school program.


Click here to read more about related services in this website.

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In the Schools

As new information thatís relevant to school-based therapy practice becomes available, these pages are updated.





Related services FAQs: if you find that these documents address concerns that your teams face, feel free to print and distribute them to your colleagues.