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The Child and Family Studies Research Programs at Thomas Jefferson University has posted its self-study module related to evidence based practice.

Go to http://jeffline.tju.edu/cfsrp/ebp.html to access Applying Evidence-based Practice Approaches to Support Children’s Participation in Home and Community Experiences




Internet resources for reliable summaries of evidence:


American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine – evidence reviews of interventions and treatments for children with neuromotor dysfunction.  Topics including NDT, Conductive Education, Baclofen and others.


CanChild: Centre for Childhood Disability Research – find information about current research underway by McMaster University, reference lists, reports and a publication called “Keeping Current,” a printable report that summarizes available research.

Child and Family Studies Research Programs at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia - website with evidence-based practice resources, including other Internet links.

OTSeeker—a database of systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy.

Pedro—a physical therapy database developed by the University of Sydney in Australia.


What Works Clearinghousethe US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences’ website of evidence of what works in education.

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Evidence-based Practice